All the brand intelligence that social media and surveys can't give you.

Up to 90% of online brand interactions occur outside of social media apps and sites. Screenlake collects and analyzes millions of live brand encounters on every app across thousands of consumers.

Measure true mindshare, compare to competitors, and plan your marketing spend using truly comprehensive consumer understanding.

No more brand FOMO. Tap into consumers' real screentime.

Social media is just 10% of screentime

This means that social media listening efforts miss out on most brand discourse. Consumers are constantly encountering brands in shopping apps, messaging apps, mobile ads, videos, and everywhere else on the smartphone. These encounters impact hearts and minds.

We deliver the other 90%

Screenlake's proprietary data capture system operates on smartphone screens themselves, not specific apps. This means you can interpret your brand performance across the entire consumer smartphone experience.

Stop reacting; get used to anticipating.

If you found it via social, it's already been discussed

The brand insights your team learns by tracking social media is outdated: it's been posted and circulated. If that's how you're getting updates about your brand, then you're learning at the same time as every other user online. It's impossible to stay ahead of the game.

If you found it via Screenlake, you're way ahead

Screenlake follows the exact perspective of nearly 100k smartphone users around the world. We capture all the formative brand interactions -- ads, purchases, chitchat, frustration -- that either (a) inspire later social media posts or (b) never end up getting posted at all.

Media moves too fast to physically remember. Catch up.

Name all the brands you encountered today.

Impossible, right? Yet brand intelligence efforts often lean on survey questions just like that, hoping that respondents have superhuman memory. Most brand encounters last just seconds, and are preceded and followed with totally different content. Without observational measures, these impactful moments simply can't be recounted and included in analysis.

Count every encounter, with topic & sentiment

Screenlake's always-on detection captures every fleeting moment, as well as the topics and sentiment surrounding them. We track all relevant industry categories and apply shared stable topic-detection to all in-category brands, giving you a perfect view of the topics that consumers naturally associate with your brands, products, and competitors.

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