Brands, meet apps

Global live data on cross-app brand exposure

Screenlake maintains a massive always-on panel of smartphone users.
Our technology detects brands exactly as they're encountered, across every page of every app.

For Brands

Know your audience

Consumers are seeing your brand (and competitors) throughout their daily cross-app journeys. We follow the whole journey to observe millions of organic mentions, ads, conversations, purchases, and trends across 30k apps daily. Truly de-dupe your MMM.

For App Publishers

Know your userbase

Your users have interests, and you should know them.
See all the brands, ads, purchases, and other apps that your users (and competitor apps' users) engage with when they're not using your app. Fuel new ad partnerships to grow your revenue by citing our objective ground-truth data.

For Brands

Fix your marketing mix

Too often, the same segment sees your creatives on 5 platforms a day, often after they're already organically exposed to your brand. This is your expensive fatigue blindspot.
Screenlake empowers you to incorporate cross-app data, including Screenlake's exclusive every-app organics, into your ad spend planning.

Stop relying on social media mentions

True: You need to know how consumers view your brand.

Also True: Fewer than 1% of brand views ever turn into a social media post --- yet many major brands still stake their Consumer Insights efforts on outdated social listening tools that crawl Twitter for direct mentions.

Your brand can do better. Screenlake's whole-view approach summarizes countless real, on-device exposures to your brand on every app, delivered with clear actionable sentiment & topic analysis.

Find app userbases that love you

And ones that don't. Our panel data can instantly identify apps where your brand is being discussed, for better or worse. Act on positive sentiment, and learn from the bad.

With the same tool, you can slice our panel to view the habits of your brand's fans. Our of all those who discuss or buy your products, know the most important apps in their daily routine, and the other brands they're exposed to.

For App Publishers

Attract ads partners, make money

You can rely on your SSP or Google Ads to place ads ... but isn't there more to life? Make a real connection with a brand your users love.

With Screenlake's Userbase Breakdown for app developers, you can see the brands and apps that your users uniquely love. From Hilton to Home Depot to Reeses to New York, we can show you exactly what your users are likely to buy, and exactly what brands you should be partnering with.

You can analyze your competitor's userbase, too.

Find out where to place your own ads

You need more users. Where to advertise? With Screenlake's App Repertoire tool, you can select any app and learn the  top ten other apps its users typically have on their device. Rank by time spent, frequency of opens, category, and more.

Cross-app UXR

Use Screenlake to decide what features to build next.

Your uses come to your app for a reason. Do you know what that reason is?

See the apps that users arrive from and leave for. Find out what cross-app UX flow your app is part of, and build new features with perfect clarity.

Our Data.
Your advantage.

Get all of your existing benchmark social listening metrics, plus a whole new world of live data in whatever format your team needs.

  • Live dashboard access
  • Metered APIs
  • Monthly reports
  • Custom consulting

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