Brand Measurement AI

No more guessing mindshare.
Save millions on ad waste.

We synthesize millions of brand-encounters happening on all apps, all the time.

Go beyond social listening.

Know cross-platform mindshare within and across every app.

Yes, all of them. Plus consumer sentiment, trending topics, and even cross-platform purchases journeys, all in one package.

Fix your marketing stack, using insights from every kind of brand encounter.

Your brand lift KPIs need a rock-solid data foundation. If you're relying on social channels to track brand opinion, then you're standing on shaky ground -- fewer than 1% of brand encounters ever turn into a social media post.

If you found it on social, it's already out there.

The brand insights your team learns by tracking social media are outdated: it's been posted and circulated. If that's how you're getting updates about your brand, then you're learning at the same time as every other user online. It's impossible to stay ahead of the game.

Stay ahead with us.

Our Data.
Your advantage.

Get all of your existing benchmark social listening metrics, plus a whole new world of live data in whatever format your team needs.

  • Live dashboard access
  • Metered APIs
  • Monthly reports
  • Custom consulting

Answer your team's most exacting questions using Screenlake's AI interface

Sometimes, it feels like a dashboard gives 100 answers, but never the one you need. If that's your experience, then use our chat interface to ask even the most specific question about consumer behavior, and get an answer derived only from our first party data: this is no hallucination.

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